Don’t Believe Everything You Think

FBAB62E5-C6F3-4627-B3AD-653117E10E30According to my Fitbit my meds knocked me out for almost 3 hours. I thought I would sleep through the night. But, I’m wide awake with nerve pain running through my hands, legs, and feet. While I might not enjoy it physically, I’ve been doing so much better mentally lately. It’s like after I saw my counselor this past Friday a switch was flipped back on.

I know personally that there is no greater battle that one inside your own mind and heart. The devil will do anything he can to make us feel like we’re hopeless and worthless. He preys on your weakness and dives in hoping to kill our spirit. I’m glad to say that he no longer has my mind and heart in the ditch.

I feel hope even though my circumstances haven’t changed. I see God at work in the midst of my pain. I’ve had a lot of time to grieve and process my current health issues. For most of us it takes time to get to a different coping level and mindset. Not that I’ve conquered things, but God has calmed things inside of me. Things that can only be the result of many prayers answered. For I must admit it doesn’t take but a few days of intense pain and you can find yourself mentally in a very dark place.

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”

(1 Peter 1:6)

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