Skin Breakouts

A1AD847D-BAFD-4E6A-9A4B-53D5B6E4E73FE05DF176-B7E3-454B-A18E-DE2F338B233F14E819E4-AACF-4412-9D2A-2ECB0C15C27DE40E07E8-9ED1-41A6-AA43-6463AE2B7739CCA18F72-518F-4885-9311-058BE407004C99D3FB20-926D-4FEB-940D-738F00CF8894107A3398-DD0D-46D9-87A4-2DB62853A82CHere are some pics of yesterday’s breakouts. They are there one minute and gone the next. They come in about every shape and fashion. Sometime I see lines, patches, dots, rarely circle, a have covered the inside of my hands with burning red many times. Folks you name it and I’ve got it. Feet, hands, legs, back, arms, and a drained mind. If you have any idea what this might be let me know. I do plan on going to a dermatologist. Crazy thing is the hands and feet major inflammation only happens most when my Neuropathy reaches a very high level.

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