Finally Some Major Sleep

026B3BDC-52C3-4A78-B80D-B0EF7D741154When I tell you my body is just flat exhausted I am not joking. I just finished sleeping almost 12 hours and I still feel like I could sleep the rest of the day. My legs still feel completely shot and don’t want to even be moved.  Both legs are presently vibrating inside.

Thank you Jesus for allowing everything going on within me to rest. Rest is still huge in me ever having any chance of feeling somewhat normal. I often say I’m very much like a golf cart. If you charge me for hours I can go a little ways. But, once my battery dies I’m completely done for the day. Of course, I could never rest like this apart from my medication and stimulator. However, most often I can’t sleep more than 7-8 hours no matter what I’ve taken. 

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