Not Feeling Well

99309636-670E-49CE-8573-5FD6C0062095Around 10:30pm Saturday night and I’m hoping to get to sleep soon. While I’ve done absolutely nothing all day I don’t feel well at all. My lower back is aching, my legs are extremely weak, and I feel very nauseous. I certainly hope my my stimulator is not over stimulating me. I’ve already got it on a very low setting. 

It never fails that Saturday nights are tough. One thing I attribute that to is anything weighing on my nerves has a chance to take me down. While I’m fully prepared to preach tomorrow there are still other factors I need to come together. I always need to sleep well. I need my nerve pain to stay at a sane level. And I need to have my ice packs ready to go both before, in between and after services.

No doubt that every Sunday for the longest I’ve been in desperate need for God’s help. Especially when the same exact time I’m preaching is the same exact time I’m usually sleeping. The only way I make through is loads of caffeine. I start loading up at 6am and continue to drink coffee all morning. It takes as much as 4-6 cups to offset the fog my meds would normally give me. As always I covet all your prayers!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

(Philippians 4:13)

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