You’ve Been So Faithful

88C7FE63-EB4B-4EB2-BBD7-8A113D538026In the midst of extreme adversity it’s real easy to get caught up in your emotions. In life’s toughest moments you can easily feel like things are falling apart. That your life has never been worse. That you will never get through whatever trial you’re presently facing. Trust me, I know because I feel all those things and more right now.

However, when I look back throughout my life all I see is the fingerprints of God. When I knew less than I know now, God was there. When I thought life was totally upside down before, God was there. When I couldn’t make sense of what God was doing in the past, God was there. So far, He has taken everything that once felt totally out of place and made it fall into place. 

Throughout my life, I see one constant theme that I can’t deny. I see God’s faithfulness in every moment. He raised me up to know His incredible love for me. He has directed me step by step revealing His amazing pre-orchestrated plans. Despite my many short comings He has blessed my integrity, marriage, family, and ministry. The only thing He has asked me to do along the way is to trust Him. 

Here I go again Lord Jesus even though I can’t make sense of the present madness. I’m giving it all to You as I trust fully in Your proven goodness, faithfulness, and love. Without You I would never be where I am today. Without You, I won’t make it one step further. Today and everyday I choose to free fall. I choose to let You lead. Because I know only one thing is for certain in this life and the life to come. Great Is Your faithfulness!

“But you, Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.”

(Psalm 86:15)

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