You Would Do Anything

BE9E7E65-8D24-4A4B-A5B4-1797AED83E78I knew that hours after today’s events I would experience much misery. My skin is crawling from head to toe. Feels like piercing ice running through my veins and I’m itching all over. This stuff makes you feel so nauseous and miserable by the second. Makes it really tough to just ignore and not want to just jump off a bridge.

Sadly at the moment there is nothing anyone can do at this time. The only thing I’m thinking is I can’t wait to take my nightly knockout meds. There is so much I would love to enjoy. Quality time with my kids, my wife, or just getting outside in this beautiful weather. Right now, I can’t think of anything better than a great night’s sleep. 

For those of you that battle with something similar day and night I totally understand. It’s a form of nonstop torment. When it’s got you it’s all that consumes your every thought. At times you feel helpless and honestly hopeless. All you want is a little relief. You wish that you knew what you could change that might make a real difference. I’m afraid this is one of those things that can only come out by prayer.

“Jesus replied, “This kind can be cast out only by prayer.”

(Mark 9:29)

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