Lord, I Can’t Live Like This

6C4DADB8-7F10-474D-B5D8-A641DA08B9EBGo ahead and fill in the blank with your greatest issue or struggle. What’s that’s one thing you just can’t imagine enduring the rest of your life. It could be a relationship, health condition, grief or some other burden that makes you feel absolutely miserable often. If you live long enough you will face something that far out lives it’s welcome. 

For me, it’s certainly been this lower body nerve damage. It literally affects every minute of my life. My back, legs, feet, and hands are rarely comfortable. It’s not just been like this a few days, but since September 17, 2015. I’m not being pessimistic. I’m being totally realistic. I don’t want to live like this the rest of my life. 

Now, I’m well aware that many others have it a lot worse than me. Those people help my perspective and increase my gratitude daily. Even still, I can’t live like this the rest of my life. Well. I can’t if I’m relying on my own patience and strength. I’m so glad the power of God flows through my veins. My faith in Jesus Christ is the only thing that gives me hope beyond my circumstance.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

(Philippians 4:13)

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