I Survived The Fiery Furnace

D78759AA-896D-4DAE-8A62-1BA86E3E1FA9I can’t put into words how uncomfortable I’ve been all night and day. It’s like satan had a blow torch and was given permission to torcher me from feet to face. From continuous itching to a body feeling like it’s been kicked repeatedly with a steel toe boot. All I’ve prayed continually was for God’s mercy. It’s been all I could do to even keep my head up after being awake practically all night and day.

Finally, I’m done with my third functional capacity evaluation. For a couple hours straight I was in a full blown torcher chamber. They made me do things that only made me hurt worse. There was no easy exercise for me in my present condition. While this is going on I was being judged by folks smirking as if I’m lying about my condition. I told one of them that until you’re in these shoes for 33 months straight you can’t imagine the insanity.

Daily I’ve always done everything I could to keep the rest of my body in shape. From pool therapy to walking when my body allows. I could have easily sunk into a deep depression and put on 100 extra pounds. Yet, I’m not rewarded for my discipline. People look at me and think he can’t be hurting that bad. If they only knew the fight, pain, and tears shed. I can promise you there is nothing worse to anyone with deep pain than to be around others who have no compassion towards them. Now, I can’t wait to rest as my body calms down with the help of my meds. God, you did it again! You stayed with me through the fiery furnace! Thanks for every prayer uttered on my behalf!

““Praise to the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego! He sent his angel to rescue his servants who trusted in him.” (Daniel 3:28)

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