I’m Very Concerned

I don’t use these words lightly as I write them. I am very concerned about how my health situation is trending. I’m certain that if nothing drastically changes soon I will have to make some drastic changes myself very soon. My pain and misery have been climbing all night. Of course, it’s never best to make any big decisions under extreme fatigue, pain or stress. Right now all three have me in a choke hold at such a high level.

I’m willing to admit that I’m not sure what’s going to happen. But, I don’t take health matters lightly. Especially after seeing way too many others not take their health warning signs seriously enough. I will never in my right mind do anything that possibly jeopardize my health or could hurt others.
While prayer is always part of any solution so is action. You can’t just say you have faith things will all work out. You’ve got to do all God leads you to do while trusting God with all things past, present and future. Once again, I find myself somewhere I’ve never been before. Therefore, I’m seeking God’s direction and Godly wisdom. I know God will honor my obedience and efforts towards pleasing Him. Now, I just pray I can survive today and make wise choices throughout the day.

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