Still A Nervous Wreck

99FF5C35-B5D1-4EFD-BFD6-A56CDFD01635I finally fell asleep for a few minutes thanks to all my medications. Then, suddenly, I was startled back awake by some nearby sound. I really have no idea what it was that triggered my nerves. However, my wife can testify that the least little thing can make my entire body jump. Especially when my nerve pain is at this high level.

You would think my nervous system can detect anything moving within a country mile. It can be someone just quietly walking near me. It might be a door being gently closed. I’m gonna hear it and my nerves are going to be jolted. If there is any force of energy or sound nearby my wrecked nervous system will pick it up. 

Basically anytime the pain around my L5 S1 disc escalates you can bank the rest of my nerves will pay the price. You would think I had been in a recent car accident.  The pain is still that fresh. I believe my back could serve as a great metal detector. Threaten to put anymore mental inside of me and I guarantee it would go crazy. I pray to God these nerves will repair themselves and my crazy jerk reactions stop someday soon.

“He continues to forgive all your sins, he continues to heal all your diseases.” (Psalm 103:3)

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