Present Health Concerns 7/15/18

Praying man silhoutte

Wow! The past few days have not been kind to my health. My heart feels like it wants to jump out of my chest. Yesterday and today my blood pressure has been very high for me. I’ve felt light headed off and on. And, no I’m not taking any of what’s going on lightly. In fact, I would be lying if I didn’t say it all has me very concerned. 

Tomorrow, I have a 2:15 doctor’s appointment already so I will address the blood pressure concerns with him. Just a lot on my mind, on my plate, and going on inside of my body. All I can do is take every possible precautionary step towards watching my health. Of course, if my blood pressure remains high for days then I’m sure I would have to add another medication to my present pill box. 

Anyhow, just keep me in your prayers. I feel nauseous, my skin feels flushed with nerve pain, and I keep having bouts of light headiness. Sometimes all you can do is pray, pray, and pray some more. Others who battle with such health issues know very well what I’m talking about. Because of all I’ve seen throughout my years in ministry I’ve learned not to take anything for granted. I will keep you all informed as I become informed. However, on a side note at least my itching seems under control for now. God bless you all. 

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