80 Days Disconnected


Eighty days ago God led me to fast from all social media. I remember thinking “Is this even possible for me?” Many know I’ve always been very active on my Facebook pages and online blog. However, I knew God was calling me to disconnect for awhile in order to focus most on Him and my health. 

For the first forty days I was not only disconnected online but I took a complete 40 day sabbatical from even preaching. I simply pursued God on what I felt led to call a 40 day faith walk. Everyday I memorized and meditated on a new scripture. I prayed relentlessly for God’s healing in my mind, heart, and body. Several times a day I wrote in my reflections journal. I walked daily with my cane just hoping for a breakthrough. 

At the end of the first forty days my mind and heart were stronger than ever. Even with my body still struggling to keep up I knew I was getting stronger on the inside by the day. With God’s help I attempted to fast another 40 days from all social media. My recovery momentum and inward strength have kept increasing. 

What I thought was just a season has now become a way of life. Here I am having gone 80 days totally disconnected from the online world. I’m thrilled to be back for sure. However, I’m most excited to be back stronger spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically than I was before. 

“Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his face always!” Psalm 105:4

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