How Am I Doing?

I’ve had so many wanting to know how I’m feeling. And, I do sincerely appreciate your every concern and prayer. The good news is I’m not where I used to be. The tough news is I’m still far from where I long to be. 80 days ago I stepped away in hopes of rebooting my recovery efforts. You see, I was only hanging on by a thread. I knew something drastic had to be done for that to change. 

The goal of at least rebooting my consistent recovery efforts has been accomplished. The last 80 days I’ve only had 3 days that I’ve not reached my daily strategic walking goals. What does that mean? I’m back to doing everything I can on my part towards my healing. And, while I may not be miraculously healing forward I no longer feel like I’m just rolling backwards. 

Outside of my consistent walking something has dramatically changed. I’m learning to cope a lot better with my condition. I recognize my limitations. I’m striving to embrace my new normal. I’m doing my best to work through it and not just wallow in it. In many ways my struggles are just as real as ever. But, it’s also just as real that God is giving me exactly what I need everyday to bear with the struggles. 

Just like before I’m not going to get on here and pretend all things are easy. However, as I sought God with all my heart the past 80 days He has brought some much needed breakthrough. I wasn’t expecting Him to fix everything at once. I was just asking Him to renew my mind and strength for the journey. I can clearly see how He continues to use this uncomfortable battle for His glory. And, at the end of this brief life that’s all matters. One day or another I will receive my total healing. Until then, I will continue to praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

(Psalm 86:12)(NLT)  With all my heart I will praise you, O Lord my God. I will give glory to your name forever, 

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