I Feel Out Of Sync


don’t mind at all having a break from the scorching heat. However, it’s obvious this colder weather is doing my body no favors. Every joint and piece of metal within me appears to be screaming for help. The only relief I find in these moments are heating pads and hot baths. I truly need to invest in some kind of always heated body suit. 

In conjunction with not feeling comfortable in my own skin I’m just out of sync period. I’m someone used to living in rhythm to whatever music God is playing around me. Not that things are ever perfect, but it’s like I’m marching out of step. My prayers and thoughts feel forced rather than free flowing. These are usually indicators of trying and thinking too much. 

How easy is it for our human minds to complicate matters? God tells us to approach Him with simple childlike faith. The older we get the more we fall prey to thinking we’re His equal. So, I’m just trying to settle down and let God hold me. History has taught me that sometimes there is nothing for me to figure out. Instead, I just need to be still and know my Heavenly Father has it all figured out. 

“Be still and know that I am God.”

(Psalm 46:10)

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