The Spirit Of Big Blue

The Band Of Blue

What I’m about to share is not just for those who love the Walterboro Band of Blue. However, it’s something we all can learn from and celebrate. My seventeen year old son has been in the Band of Blue for four years and will graduate this year. It’s something I celebrate, but really hate to see come to an end. Why? Because I believe his participation in this band has been life changing every step of the way. Please allow me the opportunity to explain.

I’m a pastor and a man that believes vision is extremely powerful. Especially when it rallies all ages around a mission that impacts countless lives. The Band of Blue has that kind of vision. The goal every year is excellence and the hope of winning the 4A State Band Championship. Typically, they always end up in the top 10 and with trophies along the way. In fact, their high school band room is full of hardware that represents the accomplishments of many present and past Band of Blue members.

 Now, more important than any trophies has been the culture established. It’s not just a band it’s a family. It’s not just about reaching a goal, but the journey along the way. It’s not just about leading boys and girls, but about preparing men and women for life. I would know because I’ve seen for four years its contribution to my son. It’s taught him vision, hard work, discipline, team work, the value of others, and given him a large extended family for life.

 Today, I had the fortune of being at the Band Of Blue’s day before state pep rally. Every year at this time each senior has the opportunity to share a few words with a few hundred students, parents, and others. As each senior took their turn you could feel their heart pumping. Many times you got to see the tears of appreciation rolling. It wasn’t just some useless cry session. It was the byproduct of many recognizing the blessing of being a part of something much bigger than themselves.

It was the emotions connected to knowing the past four or five years has changed their lives. Also, the sad reality it would soon come to an end. It was the byproduct of a vision that was still alive through the captivating spirit of all who call themselves Big Blue. As band director Tom Finigan appropriately said in closing out their time together. “The spirit of Big Blue is still alive and strong as ever right here in this place.”

 “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Psalm 29:18)

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