Dear God, Why?

For the first time ever I can relate to Job’s mentality in questioning God. Job had reached his breaking point. He had experienced unthinkable loss of everyone in his immediate family. He had lost everything he worked so hard to attain. His body was so miserable from the constant allowed attacks of the evil one. Yet, job knew in his heart He was seeking God’s will in every way possible.

I find myself wanting to say, Why? Why Lord am I going through such misery? Why do I have to endure such suffering? Why are you allowing such chaos when you know I’m seeking You with all my heart? Why is this part of your divine plan? Why are you still not relieving me from this torture chamber?

I’m sure Jesus felt the same way. Father God why is the cross necessary? Why do I have to endure such pain, sorrow, and misery? Why do I have to be crucified for other people’s sins? Why? Why? Why? It’s a human response for us all. And, while we may not see it all right now there is always a reason for the season. 

“If I have sinned, what have I done to you, O watcher of all humanity? Why make me your target? Am I a burden to you? (Job 7:20)

1 Comments on “Dear God, Why?”

  1. Dear friend, Your “Why?” is the universal question of human beings! It surely must be for the congregation of The Tree Of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg, PA, who suffered the eleven murderous deaths at the hands of an evil, deranged man a week ago! And there are many others! I have some too! I used to tell God that I had a list of such in my trouser’s or coat pocket to give Him when I arrived in His Presence. Some time ago, He reminded me that any earthly list would be consumed with all the rest of my earthly possessions. He promised me that I would understand it all “by and by”! Praying for you & Aimee, Sons, and Family! Just remind you of the last last verse of Job; 43:16-17, “After this Job lived one hundred and forty years, and saw his children AND grandchildren for four generations. So Job died, old and full of days.” I often read the final chapter of a book before I begin at the front! Helps one to know “how” and “why” it happens!


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