Long Time Coming

It’s been five long months since I last got my spinal cord stimulator adjusted. Like a car with high mileage it’s long overdue for a tuneup. I’ve been blessed by its overall consistency. Along with medications and lots of prayer it’s kept my nervous system from completely going haywire. However, I know I’m always living on the edge of uncertainty.

In so many ways my nervous system reflects each of our lives. You never know what the next minute might bring. Whether you will be desperate for relief or lifting your hands in praise. You make your plans and then discover the reality each day brings. You fight to keep things under control. Then, you realize who is really in control.

So, often we are living on the edge of a total breakdown. We must make necessary life adjustments. We must let God guide our every step. We must turn things over to God for peace and patience. We must continually trust God in the midst of our uncertainties. Often we’re long overdue for an adjustment only God’s power and presence can bring. 

“Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” (Luke 5:16)

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