Sunny Side Up

43491E04-C064-4DE9-BEAD-3EFBABE376E0Some of you actually like your eggs this way. Sunny side up means only one side of the egg is fried. Personally I like my eggs totally fried. However, when it comes to my life I prefer things sunny side up. And, while my nerves are fried within I see the sun shining through daily.

Earlier today I got my spinal cord stimulator adjusted. It was more than overdue and a lot changed the past six months. As the lady adjusted my settings she noticed something special on her computer screen. You see, she can see exactly where everything is placed within my back while she seeks to adjust things. She says, “It’s amazing how perfectly placed your stimulator is in your back. Everything is exactly where it needs to be to give you the best coverage possible.

I responded by saying “they were placed in there strategically by God. He guided the doctor to the exact place and position.” Yes, I’m still very weary and warn. But, I see most days sunny side up regardless of my fried nerves. I’m sincerely thankful for this purposeful, pain filled journey. Not because I like feeling so bad. But, I continue to see God doing so much good through this season. And inside I’m doing a lot more smiling than frowning. 

“Sunshine is sweet; it is good to see the light of day.” (Ecclesiastes 11:7)

1 Comments on “Sunny Side Up”

  1. Good to sense and smell yesterday was a good one! Recently I’ve developed an aversion to bacon, e.g. like a expectant woman! Can handle fresh eggs, IF Mrs. Carlene does them perfectly! Glad your stimulator adjustment went so well! I never went through with one because surgeon is hesitant to put me to sleep. Hope that your beautiful bride is doing wonderfully; likewise, those four fellows that help with the chores. Likewise, your family! Pray daily for you all, and the people of God at Refuge! Sincerely, Preacher & Mrs. Carlene P.S. God is really doing a great work at Wassamassaw! We attended the 234th Homecoming last Sunday, which included groundbreaking for their second worship center; much more space! Any size offering to the Building Fund would be fine!


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