Continue To Learn

I still recall what my professor said on the first day of my journey towards getting my masters degree. He said, “I’m not here to teach you everything you need to know. I’m here to teach you how to be a life long learner.” Those words have never left my mindset the past twenty years. I know I will never know everything. I do strive everyday to learn as much as I can. As a man, husband, father, and minister.

As I continue to grow I look for others who sincerely want to grow. Many say they want to reach their full potential. However, most aren’t very humble and teachable. A man or women must realize that there is always more to learn. That wisdom is not knowing everything, but truly realizing all that you don’t know. 

You should continue reading, studying, and striving to apply God’s word. You should always listen to others who can share their learned wisdom. You should frequently look into the mirror of reality. Ask yourself, “In what areas of my life do I need to learn more?” Leaders don’t know everything there is to know. Leaders simply keep learning so they have more to share with others. We will all be works in progress until God takes us home. Until that day keep living and learning.

“Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.” (Luke 2:52)

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