CBD Caplets Work

There is now no denying how much my 15Mg CBD caplets have helped in changing my life. I typically take two caplets daily. One at 7am and the other at 7pm. This past week I was out of town on a much needed spiritual retreat. In the meantime, my first 30 day supply of caplets was running out quickly. Time snuck up on me and I was not able to get anymore before they ran out this past Friday. I will not be able to get anymore until my pharmacy opens back up on Monday.

In the meantime, just 48 hours without my CBD caplets has proven costly. Even using my CBD oil twice a day has no shot at replacing the difference the caplets make. I just can’t deny how much has changed shortly after I started taking these caplets. Just 3 days taking the caplets I was able to drop an anxiety medication I had been taking over 3 years for my lower body nerve damage. Just a week after I was on the caplets I officially said goodbye to my walking cane. I mean never looking back. In 30 days since the CBD caplets I’ve walked over 146 miles.

In just 48 hours without these caplets my body is in obvious disarray. My pain has ramped up, my nerve pain is flaring, and I can’t sleep. While I didn’t plan this to happen I’m glad it did. I now officially know that it was not all in my head. The CBD caplets truly have been a game changer. I literally have not felt this pain or nerve sensations in a month. For anyone with severe nerve damage I would highly recommend trying them. Realize it does matter that you get them from a trustworthy source. Without proven potency they won’t make a difference. Now, I just pray I can endure Sunday without this critical, life changing supplement. I can promise I will never run out of these caplets again anytime soon!

P.S. Yes, God does use medicine to perform miracles too! Especially stuff he created in the first place.

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