Pain Drains You

Been a long Monday for sure. My wife and I have been out together working on some things. Unfortunately, the pain in my lower back has only been escalating lately. I’ve felt more and more miserable with every step. Whether I like it or not this pain wrecks my life in so many ways. Especially when it reaches this level.

My poor wife has been putting up with a grizzly bear mixed with a pit bull. Severe pain just changes you and breaks you down to size. I’m still waiting on a shot I’ve needed for months to be approved. Not having this shot in a timely manner has only led to much further decline. I’ve not been happy at all with my pain management office.

I’m trying my best to rest this pain away. But, even lying down I still hurt so bad. My greatest nightmare is ever rolling back to where I’ve been. It’s in these times I must do everything I can to keep matters from getting worse. I must ask for prayer and patience from those around me. Hopefully this nauseous, draining pain goes away very soon.

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

(Isaiah 40:29

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