I Need Your Prayers Again

I’ve been off social media for several days just hoping to feel better. This entire week has been torture most of the time. Not only has my pain been just as bad as ever. My nerve related itching in my hands and feet has been awful. I’ve maybe slept three hours tossing and turning all night. Honestly, I’m hurting as bad as ever this morning.

Pretty much everything feels like it’s derailed me at this time. I’m doing the best I can to hold it together physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve not been able to get relief in the tub for a few days. Sadly, I can’t get in the water because it’s one of the things along with stress or sweat that ignites further my severe dermatitis itching. Even the returned pain in my surgical area elevates my itching.

If I had not developed such perseverance and coping from the past I would be in real trouble. If I didn’t know what God has carried me through in the past I would be falling apart. I’m just in another season of intense battle that has left my body feeling beat up in every single way. I have no human answer or doctor’s solution.

I feel like someone has kicked me relentlessly all over my lower back. The itching just won’t stop like fire ants that won’t go away. I’ve taken more medication that should have me out in due time. However, I desperately need your prayers once again as I can’t fight this battle alone. I know I will make it through somehow but I need the continued prayers of sincere believers everywhere. I’ve cried many releasing tears the last few days which were good for my soul. However, this painful storm just won’t leave me and has me so miserable.

“And now my life ebbs away, days of suffering grip me. Night pierces my bones; my gnawing pains never rest.” Job 30:16-17

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