10 Keys To Maintaining A Healthy Me

*These are things God has shown me I must do to live healthy. Maybe you need to write a top 10 list. I plan to print this out and keep it before me for constant remembrance!

1. Take medications the exact same time three times everyday. Missing my Neurontin and especially my CBD caplets has proven it can put me in a world of trouble with my nerve pain. I must pay careful attention to the meds in my hand before swallowing.

2. Keep my spinal cord stimulator on as high of setting as possible to cover the pain. Even if I have to turn it down due to over stimulation. That should only be for a few hours then I need to turn it back up. This unit for me is like oxygen to a COPD patient. If it gets derailed it’s going to knock the wind out of my sails.

3. I must proactively treat my dermatitis and dermagraphism. Outside of taking daily Zyrtec, Zantac, & Benadryl I must keep my hands and feet moisturized throughout the day. Avoid long periods of time in hot water. Shower as soon as possible after sweating a lot. Each of these intense itching conditions are stimulated by too much exposure to water, sweat, heat, or stress.

4. Make sure I get adequate sleep! My body has proven that I’ve got to get a minimum of 8-9 hours sleep per day. Take nighttime meds and be in bed no later than 10pm. If I’ve still not reached 8 hours sleep go back to sleep after taking morning meds except for emergencies. Don’t schedule any appointments in the morning that aren’t necessary in order to charge my body. Remember, without the proper rest my body is sure to fail me and things will roll down hill quickly.

5. Don’t over commit and stick to the following major priorities. Do what you know you have to do to stay healthy, love your wife, love your children and lead God’s church in a way that honors God. Stick to studying and preaching God’s word, loving and leading leaders, and keeping everyone focused on the vision. Everything else will have to come secondary in this season of recovery.

6. Don’t worry about what people may or may not think. All that matters is what God knows. Be honest with everyone about your limitations. When in doubt leave stuff out. You can’t save the world by yourself. You can’t counsel every individual, marriage or family. Simply embrace your new normal, draw clear boundary lines, and trust God to use your weakness for His glory.

7. Avoid super long days of intense activity. Anything longer than 6-8 hours of anything ministry or fun related has to be watched carefully. Time has proven that if I stay on my feet or sit any longer my body will crash for several days following.

8. Listen to your body. Proactively do what you know is necessary to counter any warning signs that have taken you down in the past. Step away when necessary and possible. Go home when you know it’s best. Say no to anything you can when you know it’s about to take your nerve pain to a severe level.

9. Keep Walking Daily as it’s proven to be one of God’s best medicines for me. Daily I must make take intentional 2-3 mile walks. This has proven critical for my body, mind, and soul. During this time listen to only worship music or God’s word being preached to my heart. This is best to be done in the morning time hours early as possible.

10. Position myself for continual counsel and coaching. Life gets most out of whack when you don’t have consistent life accountability, reflection, and growth. Keep letting God lead you first so you can in a healthier way lead others. Creating time for my own personal development is not selfish and critical when I’m a leader to so many.

Overall I know I’m a F.R.O.G.

Fully Reliant On God

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