I Had Hoped By Now

There’s been so many times I thought my worse painful days were behind me. Call it wishful thinking or just pure optimism. I always chose to believe my glass is half full, not empty. In fact, I believe I’m blessed beyond measure even now. I just wish this nagging, nauseating, life altering nerve pain would go away already. At least, I really hoped by now that would be the case.

It’s gotten back to running from my feet into my face. Feels like someone hooked an IV of steady discomfort up to me. And, there’s nothing I can do to keep it from pouring throughout my veins. When it reaches this level it destroys my mood, steals my ability to focus and makes it impossible to enjoy even a moment. Even still my day overall has been bearable.

Tomorrow my wife is taking me to my pain specialist. Please pray that God opens the door for me to get a much needed shot soon. I would count myself very blessed if a shot was scheduled and approved within two weeks or less. I know I can’t ignore this pain that has once again forced its way into my life. I’m going to bed another night having to trust God to hold me and help me through another seemingly uncertain season. I am certain He will not let me go or let me down.

“God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in time of need.” Psalm 46:1

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