Peace Is Rising

Well, I just finally got like my 17th pain injection in just the past few years. While I know the drill by heart it always brings a little anxiety. It also brings with it much pain the next couple days to follow. Based on other experiences I believe this coccyx shot went smoothly. I will say that getting several trigger injections near your tailbone is nothing I recommend for fun.

After 3 hours at pain management my wife brought me back home around 1pm. I’ve been laying in the bed, sleeping, and icing around the clock. On top of this temporary discomfort I’m still recovering from yesterday’s total body meltdown. Gladly my body tells me I’m on the right track.

One, this time I’m following every rule in the book for my after shot recovery. Two, my stimulator has been able to run constantly the past 33 hours with no sign of any obvious issue. Three, as I keep drinking lots of water many toxins appear to be running out my body. I’ve had no major sugar or any caffeine. My body is easily vibrating 50 percent less than yesterday and I’m less nauseous. I’m really encouraged by the progress and knowing there is something I can do about the pain.

Last, but certainly not least my mind and heart are growing in peace. Resting comfortably on my side I’ve out smarted the devil with God’s help. I’ve been so frustrated for awhile because I can’t just sit up or study like I used to do. Now, I’m just doing all my studying of God’s word and even sermon prep on my phone.

I’ve learned how to type pretty fast with just one finger over the past few years. I’ve started a detailed study of the book of Job which I’ve done before. But, there is still so much God is speaking to my heart. Every word digested blesses me with great peace. Peace I feel in my heart, faith, and family.

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