Hold Me Jesus

I slept a few hours and suddenly woke up around 2am. No matter what I just couldn’t go back to sleep. Of course, I’ve got a very long God made day ahead. Two services to preach and several to baptize at the river. Honestly, I’m never worried about God doing His part. I just don’t want to fail to do mine.

Sometimes all you can do is crawl up in God’s lap. I’ve been tossing and turning for the last few hours. In between my fight to sleep I’ve been praying without ceasing. I really don’t care much about my comfort. I just want God’s will to be done despite me, around me and through me.

Lord Jesus you know my every thought. Settle my heavy and anxious heart. Calm and strengthen my nerve wrecked body. Focus my mind on you. Help me to put all my trust in you. Hold me Jesus and help me to feel your presence. I give you everything on my mind and heart. Have your way today and may you be glorified in everything said and done.

“Oh, love me – and right now! – hold me tight! just the way you promised.”

(Psalm 119:76)(The Message)

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