Something Had To Change

I woke this morning feeling like I had been tear gassed. By far it was the deepest fog I had ever experienced. I knew if I could get everything out of my system something had to change.

A deep fog was constant in my head. My ability to think, focus or even function period was beyond limited. I knew I had to fix things by process of elimination.

While the extra Amitriptyline did help initially it’s obviously colliding with some of my other meds. Whether it be my CBD, Zannaflex or the recent Valium I had to take for quick relief. Anything I read says certain combos of these can certainly increase dizziness, fatigue, and leave one very mentally limited. I was definitely experiencing this the past few days.

So, now I’m only going to take the Amitriptyline a few hours before bedtime. Instead of spreading out the dosage three times a day. I will not take even an occasional Valium except for extreme emergencies. I believe I should see a major change. My head has already been drastically clearer the past six hours. And, all I’ve done so far is not take my 2pm Amitriptyline.

One thing I’ve found on this journey is there is no perfect scenario. Every medication that helps also has some side effects. You just have to determine if the relief is worth the side effects. Right now I would say absolutely not. I’m just a shell of myself taking the Amitriptyline throughout the day. I’m very confident things will clear up soon. And, my night time meds are doing their job so goodnight!

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

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