Shipwrecked Again

I can’t believe I’m saying this again. My entire body is aching terribly and I’m so nauseous. I’m barely able to handle even the simplest conversation. My nerves are just a wreck. The only possible inflammatory food I’ve had is sugar free cool whip. Between last night and today I easily ate half of that regular sized container. Most of that was eaten today.

I’m guessing that once you’ve eaten as clean as I’ve been doing. Even an artificial sweetener is going to create havoc in your system. The only other things that could have contributed was sugar free creamer in a small cup of decaf coffee. I also had two sugar free popsicles last night. Who knows and I guess it really doesn’t matter. I guess it all produces way more inflammation than I could ever imagine.

God willing I will be going to the Carolina vs Clemson football game. For now I’m guzzling at least 100 ounces of water in hopes of flushing all of this out of my system. This is like having a disease that is so hyper sensitive. I’m feeling absolutely miserable right now. But, this is just further confirmation that everything I eat affects my condition. It’s all the motivation I need. Lord knows I never want to feel this way ever again.

I hate that I even gave the devil a small window. I’ve been doing so good and I’ve got to be even more disciplined moving forward. God please keep guiding me towards what I should and should not do. The more I’ve swallowed the more it has helped. And I’ve also taken a product my doctor gave me that is supposed to counter any potential food allergies. Thank God I eat least have answers this time. I will be going to bed extra early and hoping to be much better in the morning!

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