God Uses Genuine Faith Walkers

I want to ask everyone to pray for my Uncle Mitch. Tonight he had to be admitted into Trident hospital due to extreme pain. The kind of pain you cannot hide even if you aim to mask it. CT scan revealed there is definite life threatening concerns. But, no clear answers as to what he’s dealing with exactly until other specialists get involved. I just know things are so heavy on his heart physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Right now just pray that he knows God’s love, feels God’s presence and is calmed by God’s peace. The kind of peace you can’t find anywhere else. He’s never been the church going type. However, I know he believes in Jesus. He just needs to feel the love of Jesus through people like you and me.

Earlier tonight in the Emergency Room my youngest son and I were visiting him. My 9yr old grabbed my Uncle’s hand for prayer. Then he uttered a prayer that only a person with a true childlike faith can. Power was felt in that room as God flooded His love through a little boy to a grown man.

Because my Uncle is somewhat withdrawn. I know he’s had very few if any of these type moments. The kind where you can’t help but feel God’s power in the room. The kind where God’s love surges from a little boy’s heart to a grown man’s heart. He was obviously moved even in such pain.

All I know is too often we expect people just to come to church. When we should be seeking most to be the church. People are searching in every direction for hope. Before we pray for them to change. We need to demonstrate the change God has made in us. We do this best as we love and care for others like Jesus does for us.

Even though he is my little boy. God uses Asher often to touch my heart. My son tells me that God has given him the gift of prayer. He also says that love is His super power from God. Who am I to argue with a 9yr old? One who speaks so confidently and expresses His faith so loudly. So, I’ve decided to join him in loving and praying for those around me. I encourage you to do the same.

“The purpose of my instruction is that all believers would be filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and genuine faith.” 1 Timothy 1:5

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