Keep Walking By Faith

Been a long and fruitful day. I’m so grateful God keeps giving me opportunity to be a blessing. My stamina, focus and ability to minister keep growing daily. Things have been very busy lately. Driving any distance continues to be a challenge. These are just a few things I have to work around and learn to balance.

I am now officially replacing breakfast with a cup of juiced vegetables. Again, it’s not great on the taste buds, but it’s good for the body. I keep eating several times throughout the day in order to stay ahead of my hunger. I’m learning how to maintain my new diet whether home or away. I’m always around food I can’t eat and drinks that aren’t best for me. I continue to take this one step at a time as day 42 is about to begin.

I still have to spend hours most evenings in the tub for relief. But, thank God I’ve got a very deep soaking tub that I thoroughly enjoy. Tomorrow morning my wife will be taking me to get another quarterly shot. While I know I will be sore for several days afterwards. Time has proven that I need to proactively get these caudal injections. Otherwise the lower back coccyx pain will take me down quickly.

As I’ve said to you all many times in the past. God wants to use your pain as a platform. God wants you to know that with his help you can get through anything. God just ask that you keep taking the next right step. Then, after you’ve done all you can trust God fully with all you can’t.

“For we live by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

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