Considering A Diet Change?

Sixty days ago I resolved in my heart to start eating clean. For me this has meant eating only vegetables, fruits, nuts, grilled lean meats and beans. Yep, I had to wave goodbye to sugar, caffeine, and lots of other tasty things.

Rarely have I eaten anything outside of these lines. The one day I did eat whatever I wanted was Christmas Day and it proved very painful. There’s no doubt that eating healthy has much greater value than just losing weight.

Most know that I’ve got a lot history of major chronic pain. In fact, prior to this new diet my nervous system crashed weekly for over four years. All of that changed when this diet was put in place. The inflammation throughout my body has drastically decreased. My pain level has now been consistently bearable. This new way of eating has helped me eliminate 3 medications. Also I was able to greatly reduce the dosage of 3 other medications by fifty percent. My stamina and ability to focus has completely returned.

Day by day I’m convinced that what we eat and don’t eat really matters. In fact, your diet is just as important as any physical exercise, rest or stress management. The right food is the best medicine on the market and doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription. So, if you want to feel better don’t overlook your daily diet.

Eating healthy could drastically increase both the quality and quantity of your life. No, it’s not easy, but so worth the daily discipline. Many are learning this truth. Most won’t believe the difference eating healthy can make. That is until they wholeheartedly try it for themselves and choose to eat and drink counter culturally.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

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