Keep Them Coming Please

It’s been a 31 day roller coaster ride. Most days we’ve had more questions than answers. Of course, you hope and pray for divine intervention. Even still, each day brings many doubts. I could tell in dad’s eyes he knew his cancer was aggressive. All he needed to do was go by the chaos abounding in his body. Seemed every doctor’s appointment points out a new issue.

Many have been praying for my dad. My 9 year old calls his granddaddy every night to pray with him. I find myself praying hard as I can around the clock. I know my praying mom has bathed him in prayer. Plus, let’s not exclude my dad’s own sincere cries for mercy morning, day and night.

Last Friday afternoon eight different prayer warriors from Refuge Church went to pray over my dad and mom. After all there is power when two or more gather in His name. My youngest son told my dad the prayer warriors were coming. To pray with him so he could be healed. I could tell my 9yr old believed every word he was saying to his granddaddy.

The same day the prayer warriors came to my dad’s house. My dad had a doctor’s appointment to discuss another recent scan. Dad’s understanding only led him to believe things were even more wide spread. All he could do was keep praying his chemotherapy was do something.

Today’s oncologist appointment was kinda feared by us all. It seemed all we were going to hear was more discouraging news. This past week was dad’s greatest visible improvement. But, we knew that may have just been due to him gaining a little strength back.

Around 5:15pm my mom sent me a text message. I remember thinking “do I really want to read this?” Then, I began to read the following text from my mom after dad’s appointment. She wrote “Good news! Myeloma is responding to the chemo. Numbers are better! Only one broken rib. Praise God!! Eating dinner now.”

It was our first big breakthrough. One that I know is a direct result of much prayer. My dad has said many times. “Son, it’s only the prayers lifting me and getting me through. So, please keep the prayers coming.” Folks I ask that you continue to lift up my dad to the gracious throne of God. It appears God is bringing some healing and showing this cancer who is really boss.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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