Even In The Bad Times

I’ve been off social for nearly one month. I’ve not preached on a Sunday in over 3 weeks. For many reasons I had to step back from the world as I once knew it. I desperately needed to catch my breath. I had to get my own self healthier physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That is before I could help another soul find their way through this challenging season.

Yesterday I returned home after spending over 11 days away from home. Much of that time I spent with just God. A few days of that was great quality time with my family. We all know sometimes you just have to stop, drop and pray. Sometimes you can’t expect anything to change without making drastic changes.

As a senior pastor to many the spiritual warfare in my life has been beyond measure. Yet, I can feel God remaking me stronger each day. I’m not overly concerned about God’s plan for my life, my family or my ministry. I’m just focused on making sure that I continue taking the next right step as God leads me forward.

Of course, none of us know what tomorrow may bring. But, we know that when our little hand stays in God’s big hand the future is always bright. You may not know exactly what God is doing. However, you can trust He is doing something. He is humbling you, growing you, and preparing you for battle. His ways are always higher than our ways.

Over the last few weeks I’ve gotten my health back regulated. I’ve been very strict with my diet, consistent with my exercise, and constant in my pursuit of God’s face. God keeps showing me better ways to cope with my body’s many limitations. Very exciting is how God is using my own limitations to increase my greater expectations in Him. So, my confidence in Christ keeps growing by the day.

My dad continues to fight his daily battle with cancer. Today he finished up his 7th straight weekday of radiation in his head. He has 3 more days of radiation in conjunction with all of his other chemotherapy treatments. As dad says often “Son, it’s just one of those things. You just keep dealing with as it comes. The pain is part of it. The ups and downs are part of it. I know God has it all worked out.”

Dad and mom face a whole lot of ups and downs. But, one thing is constant they’ve never lost faith. They know God is with them and always for them. They know God has a plan even when they can’t make sense of that plan. They know that God is always good even when things feel constantly bad. Fortunately, I’ve learned the same thing as God continues to prove His faithfulness.

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

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