I’ve always loved each of my boys very much. I’ve always wanted to be the best dad possible. Sadly, I’ve missed a lot of moments. Not intentionally, but just due to many things. Sometimes ignorance, busyness, tunnel vision or life circumstances got in the way. I guess I’m still striving to overcome some of those challenges.

My boys are now ages 21, 19, 17, and almost 11. My youngest has gotten the best version of me as a dad. I was only 24, 26, and 28 when my three oldest were born. Like many young dads I didn’t realize how quickly time would fly by. My wife has always been a wonderful mother. However, time has had to raise me into becoming the dad my boys really need me to be.

At nearly age 46 I see things much clearer than in years gone by. Sure, I’m still learning daily. But, I realize it’s not about having all the answers or just working a job. It’s about making time to spend with your children. Treating each one as a precious gift from God.

I wish I could go back in time. I can promise you I would do a lot of things different. You see, parenting must be intentional. You have to learn how to love each child in an understanding way. Sometimes that just means listening more than yelling. It takes speaking hope and truth into their life. It requires praying over them and constantly for them.

If you’re a young dad I hope you’re listening. You will be shocked how quickly your kids will grow up. It’s never too late to wake up and show up. Your first step might just be apologizing for things done wrong. Then, expressing to your children just how much you care and long to be the best dad possible. Because no matter how wonderful moms are in this world. Dads we are still needed too. Don’t settle for just being an average dad. Seek to let God lead you as you seek to lead them. God will bless your efforts if you let Him lead your heart. This was just on my heart to share with you for some reason.

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