Update On My Dad 2/4/21

So, the last week especially has been really tough for my dad and mom. It all started when dad spiked nearly a 103 degree fever 8 days ago. Anything like that is extremely scary when the doctor had just informed him that his immune system has hit rock bottom. By the grace of God we were able to see dad’s fever go away and stay away. It had to be the chemo infusion he received that dad that zapped his entire being. The look of him in pain that night was as extreme as I’ve ever seen.

Dad has really struggled to find any comfort any time except when medication puts him to sleep. His head constantly hurts, his bones continually crunch, and he struggles to do anything much. Even with increased medications around the clock dad has been in a dog fight. Mom just keeps doing all she can to keep him comfortable and help him get through another day.

Today, his doctor has stopped all of his chemotherapy for at least the next two weeks. Dad’s body is just absolutely exhausted. He has very little appetite and very little he can ever enjoy. While I know God can change things at any time. I know that only God can make things turnaround. It feels like things have really been rolling down hill the last few months. And, dad’s cancer numbers have started climbing back up even with constant chemotherapy.

Of course, it’s very hard to see your dad or anyone you love in such constant discomfort. You pray for their healing and comfort that only God can give them. You ponder anything you can do to help or ease their struggle. Still you often conclude that only prayer can change certain things. So, I ask you to please keep praying for my dad and mom. I wish there was more I could do for them. However, all I know to do is keep striving to be there for them any way possible. Only God knows what the future holds!

1 Comments on “Update On My Dad 2/4/21”

  1. Pray for each and all of you daily! (Maybe I should light a candle for you, Little Puppy?) You ought to take your Dad out every day; sit near him; feed him good! Your Mom regularly too! Wish I still had my precious parents to do likewise for them! Love you, fellow, and your wife, “kids” and kin!


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