Where Is The Easy Button?

Dad’s unpredictable pain continues to make his life at best feel bearable. He and mom really don’t know their days from their nights anymore. Mom has to practically help dad up 24/7 for him to safely get up anytime. Dad’s left shoulder is basically useless and causing him insane pain.

A walker is used at all times inside the house for safety. However, it’s hard to operate with only one useful arm and so many cracking bones. As dad says his hips and shoulders make actual crunching sounds often. Dad actually makes a lot of different sounds that indicate his body is so discombobulated.

All I know is dad is at a real crossroads. Of course, they know he has to have steady comfort care. But, we have no idea how they will handle his chemo treatments moving forward. For now all treatment has been halted. And my dad does hope to keep fighting the cancer at this time.

Yes, he knows that the chemo itself causes him many of his present difficulties. He also knows that if his cancer numbers are allowed to accelerate much it will disrupt every part of his body. Things could go from bad to worse in a heartbeat.

Tomorrow dad will go for a doctor visit at Charleston Oncology. Pray that whatever needs to be done will be done. Pray dad won’t go another day without the best possible comfort care plan in place. Pray Gods directs mom and dad on how to keep taking the next right step. Pray they both get some much needed sleep tonight. They are both exhausted and need some healing rest and peace.

I sure wish there was an easy button. Unfortunately, all they can do is walk through this valley together holding onto God’s hand. God knows what each of us need for each new day. All we need to do is keep asking Him to reveal His will to us. God will not only show us the way, but He will never forsake us along the way. I know God is with them every step of the way.

“God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” Psalm 46:1

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