Living On Prayer

Well, dad’s doctor’s appointment went as well as we could expect. His blood platelet level has doubled. Therefore, he will receive his weekly chemo infusion tomorrow. Hopefully his body can handle more treatment. Based on his present frailty that will only happen through prayer.

Now, dad’s greatest felt pain was definitely addressed. He will have appointment with the radiologist as soon as possible. Then, he will undergo more radiation. Hopefully, the left shoulder that’s killing him so much can be comforted in some way.

Regardless of any further treatment dad’s pain management can’t afford to stop. Mom will continue to do all she can to keep dad comfortable morning, day and night. This has certainly proven to be a tall task when it comes to staying on top of dad’s pain. Unfortunately, when it’s bad it’s really bad. But, he does have relief at times they just have to proactively manage his pain.

Only God knows where things go from here. We will see rather quickly whether any further treatment knocks dad’s numbers right back down. He really doesn’t have a whole lot of strength left to overcome anymore decline. But, dad is simply not done fighting. And, I can’t blame him for his fight.

The great news is this doctor visit was very productive in at least giving them options of some hope and relief. It’s been a long day for dad and mom. Hopefully, they can both get some much needed rest. Praise God. dad’s night time meds do have him comfortable at the moment. Thank you all for your continued prayers.

“Jesus replied, “This kind can be cast out only by prayer.” Mark 9:29

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