Your Diet Really Matters

Eating healthy is difficult for most living in this world. However, once you truly know your health depends on it you should have greater motivation. How you eat will likely determine the quality and the quantity of your life. You’ve just got to decide to make better choices one meal at a time. Your choices will impact you and those you love.

I’m one week back to clean eating and more hopeful than ever before. There is no doubting that it affects your life big time. Especially if you have aches and pains you’re battling daily like myself. Especially if you have underlying health issues that are only ignited further by what you put in your body.

You can exercise all you want as we all should strive to do. But, what you eat will always impact your overall health. This has been a hard truth for me to swallow. But, deep inside I’m glad that my chronic pain forced this lifestyle upon me. This way of living not only helps my pain, but gives my life much greater hope looking forward.

I’m posting these words not to preach, but to encourage you forward. If you know something needs to change make the necessary changes. I prayed and prayed for God to heal my body. God answered that prayer by giving me some ways to improve the quality of my life. There’s no need to look for other solutions if you’re ignoring the answers God has given you. So, don’t keep saying “I know I need to do this or that.” Choose to wake up tomorrow and make the best choices possible one day at a time.

“I CAN do all things THROUGH CHRIST who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

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