I Need Your Prayers

I really didn’t see this coming. This pain has once again wore me down and left me shaking my head. Honestly, I can write about it easier than I can talk about it. It’s not that I get so emotional, but just breathing wears me out right now. This pain is so suffocating and impossible to ignore.

Right now, there isn’t much positive thinking. When the pain reaches this level it tends to blow up your internal breaker box. Misery is the nicest word that comes to mind. And, in the midst of this misery I’m fighting to keep the faith.

So, I’m gonna keep this real short. I’m headed to bed just in hopes of some relief. Sadly, the only time I’m not hurting is when I’m asleep. I’ve officially taken the next 40 days away from social media. So, the only ones who can read this are those who connect to my blog. Please join me in praying for breakthrough. I can’t change this on my own. I desperately need God to intervene.

“Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27

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