Dear Father’s Day In Heaven

I know you’re not here physically anymore on this earth. Yet, there is so much you’ve left behind I must acknowledge. In fact, with each day that passes your impact fills my heart. So much of my life, family and ministry is a direct product of your investments. In tribute to your legacy I just want to point out a few ways you’ve changed my life.

One, you always cared about me. I never had to wonder if you loved me. Even when you disciplined me I knew love was guiding you. Thanks for always caring and being involved in my life. It has helped me to live feeling loved and secure as a man. It has helped me to know how to love my wife, kids, and others in my life.

Two, you were such a Godly example for me. Sure, you never fully understand or appreciate things the same when you’re young. Now, all I see is a man who did his best to live with integrity and sincerity before God and others. While none of us are perfect. I know you always strived to practice what you preached. You were truly a man worth following and celebrating.

Three, thanks for giving me a passion for reaching lost souls. I truly feel that my ministry today is just a continuation of your ministry the past 45 years. I’ll never forget you screaming out the car window because another soul came to know Jesus that Sunday. You and mom lived your lives to love God, love people and point others to Jesus. I plan on living the rest of my life doing the same as you.

Dad I could mention so many more things that made you great. However, I know you never cared about applause or recognition. I sure wish you were here for us to celebrate. However, I plan to never forget you and always celebrate your legacy. See ya again later once my mission here on earth is done.

Love you so much and we will do our best to take care of mom!

Your Middle Son

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