This past weekend our family went on a short cruise to celebrate my youngest son’s 13th birthday. On our third evening, I went up top to take some pictures. The moment I stepped outside I discovered another divine appointment. An older lady from Connecticut was wandering alone crying. I immediately sought to comfort her.

She said “yesterday I received a message letting me know my mom had suddenly passed away.” This death was not even slightly expected. Her mom had been in the same nursing home for the last five years. She suddenly had some kind of seizure and hours later was pronounced dead.

This woman and her mother were people of strong Christian faith. However, this woman needed some Jesus with skin. I did all I could to flood her with love and words of true comfort. She said she had been calling out and calling out for God to help her through this sudden loss. Next thing she knows we’re looking eye to eye with each other. You may call that coincidence, but I call that a divine appointment.

Ironically, this woman had no pastor she could call on to preach her mother’s funeral. Therefore, we discussed how I could facilitate a service online through zoom with her and her family sometime soon. After exchanging contact information, I prayed with this broken-hearted lady. Now, I know her grief will take time to process. I was just glad God allowed me the opportunity to bring some level of comfort.

Sadly, there are so many folks throughout the Lowcountry that experience something similar. They suddenly lose a loved one and don’t have a pastor to come alongside them. These are the folks God has put on my heart. I want to make sure loved ones are celebrated and families are comforted the right way. I will continue to pray for God to bring me more divine appointments.

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