Back To A Healthier Me

4 years ago I went on the elimination diet. I was seeking to not only lose weight but reduce the inflammation within my body. This diet only allows you to eat any Lean Meats, any beans, any veggies (except corn), any fruits (except citrus) and any nuts. While, yes there are many things you must eliminate. This diet makes it very clear what you can eat. In conjunction with this diet I only drank water and tried to consume at least 60-70 ounces daily.

After just a few months on this diet I went from weighing 205 to only weighing 165. My inflammation was reduced considerably and the doctor took me off blood pressure medicine. For the longest time I was able to stay pretty much on track and never weighed more than 170lbs. It’s been a few years since I’ve done this diet. But, I totally fell off the wagon of eating healthier several months ago.

Now, I weigh almost 190lbs and my bodies feels like it got hit by a truck every morning. There’s no denying that the consistency of junk food, sugar, caffeine, cereal, and definitely ice cream has added more pounds and inflammation. Praise God all of that will stop starting today.

I started back with the right amount of water intake a few days ago. I started back on the elimination diet today. I currently weigh 189.6 lbs. I’ve gotten sick and tired of the increased level of pain. I’m thrilled to be back on track. I’m posting this for accountability and prayers. I will keep you posted of my results and progress.

Based on my experiences I’ve found the following to be the most inflammatory. Caffeine, Sugar, Junk Food, Fast Food, and especially ice cream for some reason. For me not drinking lots of water daily alway comes with a price. Exercising definitely makes a difference as well. I’ve not been taking intentional walks daily for a long time. I will aim to walk 2 miles a day moving forward. I encourage any of you that feel compelled to start your own journey towards a healthier you.

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