I Feel On Fire

Something happened Monday evening that sparked my nerve pain. You would think someone caught every single nerve within my body on fire. I’ve spent the entire day dealing with nerve pain flooding throughout my feet, legs, back, hands and face. Honestly, it’s hard to explain to anyone what it feels like to have something like electricity running throughout your body.

I keep trying to find the root cause of my issues. I turned off my spinal cord stimulator for hours and nothing changed. I’ve taken stronger medications that changed nothing. I made sure I drank lots of water and nothing changed. Sadly, the only thing I’ve not tried enough is prayer.

If you don’t mind please pray this nauseating nerve pain settles down soon. Pray God will show me anything I can do to calm the storm inside my body. I’m not panicking because I’ve been here many times before. However, it’s impossible to ignore something that is constantly vibrating underneath all of your skin.

Man, I wish I could jump on here and tell you I’m doing great. Seems every time I think I have this mastered it humbles me again. The constant vibrations and throbbing pain are wearing me down. Fortunately, there is nothing that prayer can’t change.

“Jesus said, This kind can only come out by prayer.” Mark 9:29

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