Recent Scan Results

Today, I finally had a follow up visit to discuss my recent Myelogram and CT Scan results. I must say that Myelograms are one of the most uncomfortable procedures I’ve ever gotten. However, it was definitely necessary to discover the root of my pain issues. Overall, I’ve been more relieved than grieved over what was revealed.

First, let’s start with the good news. All of my spinal cord stimulator implants and surgical hardware is looking great. Plus, nothing “appears” to warrant anymore surgery at this time. My pain has been much more bearable over the past week. Plus, I’ve been released to start back doing physical therapy exercises in efforts towards regaining my ability to fully bend forward.

Now, it was revealed that I still have bulges in my L3, L4, and L5 discs that have not gotten a whole lot worse. None of that was news to me as those were pre-existing issues. Now, I have two newly discovered issues that have been working against me.

One, I have a L2-3 left paracentral disc protrusion. This damage to the disc causes it to protrude/bulge outwards, coming into contact with nearby spinal nerves as they exit the spinal canal, causing pain and discomfort. They believe this area has been creating the most recently started pain in my left side. They have given me pain patches for that area to use when necessary.

The other new discovery found is called Dura Ectasia in my sacrum. This refers to ballooning or widening of the dural sac and is associated with herniation of nerve root sleeves.

This area nearest my tailbone has inflammation and scar tissue that can prevent anesthesia from being effective. This could be the very reason why I’ve not experienced much relief from steroid injections in that area. Dural ectasia can be a source of back pain, headaches, radicular pain, and leg weakness. All of those except the headaches I deal with daily.

All of the above issues are typically treated conservatively with pain control medications, physical therapy, and necessary lifestyle changes. Doctor told me I can go back to my normal life. I just need to take things slow, listen to my body and be careful. There is really nothing that was discovered that was very surprising to me. I’m just glad to finally have some answers and relief. Thanks for your continued prayers.

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