Asher’s Surgery Coming Soon

Well, our family is getting ready to go through a new faith walking season. My son Asher will be having surgery Monday morning at the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Greenville, SC. We’ve been anxiously and prayerfully anticipating this day for quite some time.

Asher will be having a total reconstruction of his left foot and growth plate surgery in both knees. This will create a proper arch and correct his severe pronation and flat foot. He will have to wear a cast for 6-8 weeks, use a wheel chair as necessary and then start rehab. Then, 3-6 months after surgery on his left leg he will go back to the hospital for the same surgical procedures on his right foot.

We are very optimistic about how these surgeries can drastically improve Asher’s quality of life moving forward. He has never been able to run and play sports like other kids. The more he has grown the more painful even walking has become. He has other physical challenges that make “normal” activities more difficult for him, but his amazing surgeon feels very confident that this sure will lead to a much brighter future for Asher.

Please join us in praying that everything goes well for his upcoming surgical procedures. Pray God uses the surgeon to do exactly what needs to be done. Pray that Asher can feel God’s peace and comfort through it all. Pray God uses this season to grow us all and bring Him glory.

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