I Couldn’t Go To Bed Until…

It’s been a very long day. However, we are so thrilled to have Asher’s first surgery out of the way. Just hearing the doctor say “your son’s left foot is now aligned.” That just does something to your heart when you never thought your son would be able to walk normal or pain free.

The entire surgery went great. His left leg pain block is starting to wear off as he’s just starting to feel more shooting nerve pain. They said sometime during the middle of the night his leg will no longer be numb and his feelings of pain will soar. They plan to be very proactive as possible with his pain medications.

There is a good chance that we could come home tomorrow afternoon. He has his first session of physical therapy tomorrow at noon. We’ll just have to see how that goes. His sweet momma has not left his side and I’m sure she is exhausted. Yet, there’s no where else she would rather be right now.

We know the next couple months will have daily challenges. However, I don’t believe this day could have gone any better. I believe it’s all a result of so many prayers. This is just part of Asher’s journey. This will only make him stronger in the long haul.

He is already scheduled to have his cast removed on June 13th and then his greater rehab will begin. As I go to bed tonight I’m just so “grateful.” Grateful for a wonderful church family. Grateful for so much prayer and support. Grateful for a God called doctor who prayed with his medical team before he ever started surgery.

I did not want to lay my head down tonight without GIVING GOD ALL THE GLORY!

“This happened so the power of God could be seen in him.” John 3:3

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