Day 3: Little Faith Walker

Today was our first full day at home since Asher’s surgery. The emotions have settled and the healing has begun. Overall, we’ve been very pleased with Asher’s progress. As long as we give him the recommended pain meds consistently, his pain continues to be very manageable.

Asher has spent the majority of time in his bed, but still able to play games online with his friends. Aimee has been able to get him into the bathroom by rolling him on a computer chair. This takes him places most wheelchairs can’t go. Soon we hope he can use a walker at least for short distances. He needs to do all the strength training possible without putting any weight on that left foot for the next six weeks. However, we all know recovery takes time.

Practically everything this first surgery was about will take up to a year to see the full results. Both implanted growth plates will stay in his knees for at least a year or two. It will take some time for Asher’s hips, knees, legs and feet to all realign together. This will happen through time, rehab, prayer, and faith.

Overall, Asher has been in a really good mood and relieved. He will finish the rest of his school year at home. Hopefully, after he gets his cast off on June 13th he can at least go swimming some this summer. I know firsthand how much water therapy can help his future rehab. Thanks so much for your continued thoughts and prayers!

“He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.”
Isaiah 40:29

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