Keep Listening & Trusting

I woke up this morning around 6:45am after God blessed me with 9 hours of sleep. The first thing I did was thank God from whom all blessings flow. All I did was exactly what He led me to do. I adjusted the timing of my medications, bedtime and literally gave everything to God. Not one time last night did I find myself in distress or extreme pain.

Now, I woke up today with a body still far from perfect. However, I woke up with a much greater sense of God’s peace. God’s word keeps reminding me of His grace, mercy and love. Time has proven time and time again that God’s grace is always sufficient.

God has my heart back realigned with Him. I’m leaning in, listening closely and recognizing that I’ve got to keep walking closely with Him. Often, it takes us fully reaching the end of ourselves before we fully reach out to Him. Today, I choose to rejoice in His goodness, rely on His grace and trust in His plans.

“But I am trusting you, O Lord, saying, “You are my God!” My future is in your hands. Psalm 31:14-15

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