Adjust and Celebrate

I normally take my medications at 9am, 3pm and 9pm each day. Last night, I felt led to change things up so I can adjust my bedtime. So, today I’ve changed those times to 8am, 2pm and 8pm. Hopefully, I can get to sleep much earlier than usual and avoid my typical nightmare level pain.

I woke up today still hurting pretty badly. Finally, I was able to get out and do about 6 hours of ministry counsel and visitation. Typically, I breathe in a lot of crisis situations in a short period of time. I’m just thankful I was able to be used by God today. Soon as I got home I had to jump in an epsom salt bath as my lower back felt on fire.

Tonight, I’m out smarting the devil by making the necessary adjustments. I find that with my condition I have to operate wisely everyday. I have to calculate when possible what I do, what I eat, how much I rest, and even when I take my medications. After 8 years of these struggles, I’ve learned that consistency always matters with a wrecked body like mine.

Tonight, I’m going to bed feeling much more optimistic about my health. My pain is already easing up. I celebrate progress, solutions and opportunities God keeps giving me. I celebrate the emotional healing God gives me as I allow him to use my pain. I celebrate that even if things don’t improve, God will provide more adjustments that can be made.

I encourage you all to remain a student of yourself and personal weaknesses. Be honest with yourself and with others about your struggles. Keep yourself accountable towards making wise decisions. Understand that life is not always fair and we all struggle with something. Life on earth will never be perfect, but God will always be faithful.

“But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.” 2 Thessalonians 3:3

Stay focused on Jesus!

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