God, Please Slay This Giant

David Versus Giant

I spent most of January 1, 2018 dealing with lots of nerve pain. I’ve now woke up on January 2nd with nerve pain running through my body once again. Just had to call and cancel my first physical therapy session of the New Year. Knowing I’ve got irreparable nerve damage “by man” stinks. It is very hard pondering that I could deal with this unpredictable pain the rest of my life.

However, I’m still trusting my God who is never taken by surprise and always able to slay the giant. These are the times to especially cling to my faith not abandoned it. These are the times to fall on my knees not fall apart. Why should we only trust God when things feel under our control? When only good things happen and not bad?

God is God even when it hurts. God is good even when things feel so bad. God is with us even when we feel all alone in our struggle. Lord Jesus I resolve to follow you no matter what the future or 2018 brings. Jesus, I resolve to trust in your greater plans even when they don’t make sense in the present moment. Take this battle and show your mighty power despite the fact I’m totally outmatched.

“(Little) David said to the Philistine(Giant)You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.”
1 Samuel 17:45

2 Comments on “God, Please Slay This Giant”

  1. Sunday, 1/7/18, was a definite high water mark at Refuge. The message was amazing…. electric, actually. My neighbor, (who was there) came to my house and sat in my sun room just pouring over the scripture you used, for hours, in amazement. We dedicated ourselves to being more consistent with studying the word, more joyful in our outreach each day, and less judgemental in all our exchanges. We are so blessed to have you as a pastor and teacher of the word. God is showing his faithfulness to you through all your sufferings while honing your focus and skills, and sharpening your sword. He seems to be outfitting you as a warrior for such a time as this is. Hang in there, you are in my prayers daily, right up there with my children. The Lord is gracious and compassionate and full of mercy. He is advancing His kingdom through you. With birth there is pain, with growth there is pain. Thank you for persevering, and always reaching toward that high calling. BL


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